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Talent Development

Talent Development

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I. Talent Development Map of Orinko


2. Dual-career Development Path


The Company will establish a perfect and mature comprehensive employee development system, horizontally establish a professional development talent training mechanism integrating research and development, sales, manufacturing, quality and support system into a whole on the premise of promoting all employees’ basic abilities, and vertically establish the targeted series course learning for graduates, new employees, grass-roots employees, middle-level employees and high-level employees to comprehensively improve employees' abilities by integrating online, offline, internal and external training forms.








1. Dual-career path
2. Tutorial system
3. Career guidance

3.High Potential Personnel Development Plan


The Company annually selects core talents with high potential from outstanding employees for targeted cultivation based on the performance by professional talent evaluation tools, builds a reservoir of talent resources through systematic training and learning, and establishes a reserve cadre echelon.