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Since the establishment, our company has quickly become a new force in the domestic modified materials industry. We are headquartered in Hefei, and currently have two production bases in Hefei and Chongqing. We have built a domestic first-class intelligentized production plant for modified materials. Additionally, our company achieved an annual sale of 300,000 tons, created a miracle in the industry, and is among the top three in the industry.
We have hired scientific and technological leading talents in the industry, established post-doctoral scientific research workstations, Shanghai R&D center, and provincial-level enterprise technology center. Our company has been specializing in material innovation in the fields of automotive, home appliances, IT, electrical and electric and rail transportation, and research and develop environmental, health, lightweight, and aesthetic material application technologies, providing customers with overall material solutions. In the field of automotive materials application, we track the forefront trend of the industry, and develop technologies for environmental protection, lightweight and aesthetic materials, which makes us a major supplier of mainstream OEMs. Our company has been focusing on the development of new materials for smart living in the fields of appliance, home appliances, IT, electronic and electrical materials, which contributes to form technical characteristics of environmental protection, health, and aesthetic materials, and ensures continuous technological leadership. Our company has undertaken dozens of national and provincial research projects. In addition, we have applied for more than 100 national invention patents and have won many national and provincial awards for scientific and technological achievements.