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Orinko Advanced Plastics Co.,LTD

Address : No.2,Luhua Road,Boyan Science Park,Gaoxin District,Hefei
Postal Code : 231202
Tel : 0551-65770518 / 0551-65771661


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Customer Service

Customer Service

Molding expert


Close to service


Material expert


Provide pre-sales and after-sales technical support


17 offices across the country, more than 60 sales outlets, providing customers with comprehensive and caring services


Provide diversified material solutions, regularly carry out technical exchanges, new materials and new craftsmanship




Rapid response


Product customization


Flexible manufacturing, tailor-made, full range of product lines to meet the multi-level needs of customers


24 hours online, providing all-weather service for customers, arriving at the customer site in one working day


24 hours online, providing customers with 24/7 service and 1 working day to customer site


◇ Networks layout:there are 17 offices nationwide and 60 sales outlets


 Service Outlets    
• Hefei headquarters: Hefei and its
•Xiamen Office:Xiamen, Fuzhou
• Zhejiang Office:Ningbo, Hangzhou,
• Wuhan Office:Wuhan, Shiyan, etc.
• Qingdao Office:Qingdao, Jinan, Linyi, etc.
• Guangxi Office:Liuyang
• Shanghai R&D Center and Office:Shanghai
• Shenzhen Office:Shenzhen, Guangzhou,
Zhongshan, Dongguan
• Wuxi Office:Wuxi and its
• Tianjin Office:Tianjin, Beijing, etc.
• Huizhou Office:Huizhou and its
• Guizhou Office:Guiyang
• Factory in Chongqing and office:Chongqing, Chengdu
• Wuhu Office:Wuhu and its surroundings
• Danyang Office::Suzhou, Changzhou,
• Baoding Office:Bbaoding, Handan
• Northeast Office:Changchun, Shenyang
• Shanxi Office:Xian